Thursday, July 10, 2008

baby sloths

To see one of many cute videos of baby sloths, just click on the title of this post!!
***(Assignment 4) Here's an assignment to go with the videos on sloths. First, watch the U-tube video attached to the title. Next, watch a related video. I recommend the one called "Swimming Sloth", but you are welcome to choose any video about this animal that you like. Think of two good questions about this animal that come into your mind as you view your two videos. ( At least one of your questions should be a "why" question.) Now use Google to find answers to your questions. When we finish, we will share our questions and answers with the group as volunteers will come up and add pictures and information to a sloth bulletin board. In the coming weeks, we will be exploring several endangered species. Good Luck!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

podcast suggestion

As I considered podcasts for my ELLs, I thought back to how I learned to read as a child. I remembered that much of what I learned came from Sesame Street and I was curious to see what Sesame Street was like today. I discovered that a lot was the same, but the celebrities had changed, and cookie monster no longer eats cookies, just fruit.
Since my grade 2 students are needing to "say sorry" quite often I looked at a vocabulary podcast found at
the podcast itself is called "Word on the Street: Apology with Ann Curry" and it's less than 6 minutes long, but contains numerous people, old and young on the streets of NYC advocating apologies. There's a basketball cartoon, a claymation cartoon and a muppet version of the Wolf from Little Red Riding Hood. They're all apologizing. The best part is Anne Curry and her take on apologizing. There's also podcasts of "Sigh with Sarah Jessica Parker", "Struggle with Tyra Banks" and other celebrity podcasts including Diane Sawyer and Ice-T.

Monday, July 7, 2008

my teaching philosophy, part 1

I believe nothing is more important for a child than to have a positive self-concept. A child should be reminded every day of what makes him or her special. Every person has something valuable and unique to offer the world. Of course, success in academic achievement is a part of this, but a child needs to develop deeper qualities too. I would like to see my students grow up to be strong people who find happiness in the world and never lose sight of the limitless value within themselves or other people.