Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Dear Administrators,

I would like to invite you to view my implementation plan to combine literature and technology in a unique project based learning assignment. The lesson is designed for 4th grade ESL students, but can be modified to suit many levels from grades 2-5. Research shows that meaningful learning takes place when students are working collaboratively to find information for a goal directed purpose. Students will be actively engaged a fun multi-media activity which supports the multiple intelligences , covers all NYS technology learning standards and most NYS ELA and ESL learning standards. In addition, the activity is based on Bloom's Taxonomy and is an excellent opportunity to for confidence building and parent involvement. The activity will take nine 45 minute literature sessions, which contain the "demonstration-plus model" and collaborative learning in partnerships . We already have all the technology supplies we need, which include 3 computers, a smartboard, a microphone and a thumb drive. For a "child-friendly" breakdown of the day to day implementation plan, please click here.

For additional details on each element of the process, please click on the links below.





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