Wednesday, August 6, 2008

TO STUDENTS Let's use computers to make literature come alive! HERE'S THE PLAN!

Hi students! We are going to spend the next 9 literature sessions working on a fun new project. First, I will let you sneak a peek at one of the amazing final products you will be making, just click here- Ok, here's the plan!
Day 1- We will do a class read aloud of the The Little Red Riding Hood and create a summary of the story together. Next, in small groups we will use our big Bloom's taxonomy chart to guide us in brainstorming questions which will be used to interview a character. Which character? You guessed it! The wolf! Then we will come up with the answers that the wolf might give as we share out the questions with the whole class.

Day 2- We will do an internet search to find out some information about the author. We can use Google displayed on the smartboard to search the internet for 3 interesting facts about the "Brother's Grimm". Next, we will create a class powerpoint containing 6 slides the first slide will contain the title of the story, the next will contain our summary of the story, the next 3 will contain interview questions and answers and the final slide will show 3 interesting facts about the authors of the story. I will demonstrate how to insert sound files so that we can hear the interview with the wolf as well! Here's an example- At this point students will be introduced to the rubric which gives guidelines on how to complete the project to the highest standards. Each student will be given a copy of the rubric. They will be reminded daily of it's importance. As new parts of the project become relevant the class will explore the related section on the rubric.

Day 3-Now, you will break into partnerships and "partner read" a book you like from your level. Use our graphic organizer to help you create a summary for your story. Next, you can choose a character from your story. Using the Bloom's taxonomy chart and our class list of brainstormed questions for characters, think of 3 questions to ask your character. Think of the answers to your questions and practice the interview with your partner. Today, 2 groups(6 partnerships) will be called get on the internet and do a search to find 3 facts about the author of their story.

Day 4-Today, 2 more groups will do the internet search for author facts. Next, partnerships will start your powerpoints. A copy of the model will be placed above the computers for you to look at along with the rubric for the assignment. When you finish with the slides you can add the sound clips and do your interviews.

Day 5-After a short review lesson on powerpoint creation, the rest of the students will make their powerpoints. Partnerships who are waiting or finished can use the time to practice talking about their summary and author facts, since these parts of the presentation will not be supported with sound. The teacher will help you save the powerpoint on a class thumb drive so that it can be retrieved for the presentation.
Day 6-Today the class will look at the model and see a demonstration on how to create a Voki. Afterwards you will create your own Vokis. (Make sure you and your partner split up the work evenly.) When you finish, let the teacher know and she will help you upload your Vokis to a class blog.

Day 7-Now it's time to start the presentations. We will look at the class blog and choose a Voki that we like. The pairs of students will go up and present. One partner can introduce the presentation and talk about the class summary and the other one can end the presentation after discussing author facts. During the presentations, classmates will be responsible for thinking of one more question for the character and the partnership will try to answer it with the support of the class.

Day 8-Presentations continue

Day 9-Presentations continue and you will fill out a partner evaluation. Groups can conference with the teacher about the scores they received on their rubrics to find out how they could do better next time.
For additional details on each element of the process, please click on the links below.


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