Wednesday, August 6, 2008


*Students will work in partnerships to read and summarize a literary narrative
*Students will use Bloom's taxonomy to create questions and answers for an interview of a character from the story
*Students will do a Google search on the internet to locate facts about the author of the story
*Students will create a powerpoint to display the summary, interview and author facts
*Students will add sound to the powerpoint to enhance the interview portion of the project
*Students will create a Voki to portray the character
*Students will present the powerpoint and voki to the class and respond to feedback from classmates

*Standards Based-The project meets all the NYS ELA, ESL and Technology standards shown above.

*Appropriate for Age, Grade and Ability Levels-The project is designed with a fourth grade, self contained ESL class in mind. Ability levels can be accounted for because students can work with partners of the same reading level while choosing an appropiate "leveled" book. Interview questions/answers which are lower on Bloom's taxonomy are perfectly acceptable for learners in the "beginners" level. The same project could be used throughout grades 2-5 if proper scaffolding takes place. The younger students may just need to go more slowly.

*Engaging-The collaborative, interactive and task-based nature of the project as well as the use of imaginative audio and visual creations on the computer make it a memorable and meaningful learning experience for all students.

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